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Meet our Judges

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Cake's to Order by Leslie

Leslie Coleman

A self-taught baker with well over a decade of baking experience. My passion is custom 3D cakes, while I also bake decorative cupcakes. My customers challenge me with unique ideas, some are specific on their vision and others allow me creative control; all baking experiences are unique. Two of my most challenging cakes are were a 3D Be-do Minion with working lights and Rapunzle’s tower and landscape. I’m humbled to be part of every event and I love creating with cake.

Stacey's Cakes & Creations

Stacey Smith

What started as a hobby in 2007, Stacey began combining her artistic abilities with her deep passion for baking. While being self taught, Stacey quickly started perfecting her craft while becoming the first entrepreneur at her family in 2010. Stacey takes such care along with creativity with each design while building in her look and brand of Stacey's Cakes And Creations into what it has become today.

Sofi's bakery

Andrea Revelo

I started my baking business when I was just 16 years old and I’m now a college student. I started baking when Covid hit and did it just for fun eventually people started telling me to start selling my products and I decided to try it out. 2 years later here I am. My business is still small but it has expanded a lot over the years. I’m very grateful for how far I’ve come and definitely learn a lot on how to have a business.

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