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The Glen Burnie Gingerbread Festival is free to attendee

2023 Profits raised through the auction, merch shop, and pay to vote People's Choice Award will benefit a local beneficiary.


This year our beneficiary is Addyson! 

Addyson, age 12, has been chronically ill since birth. She has multiple diagnosis's (epilepsy, mitochondrial disease, periodic fever syndrome, hearing loss, pectus excavatum, aortic dilation and autonomic dysfunction). She has been in and out of the hospital since birth and knows the doctors/surgeons and nurses well. She has a major chest wall repair surgery coming up (October 31) and we are hopeful this will help with her cardiac compression. She's had over 17 sedated procedures since birth and we are hopeful that after this major surgery we can get a break for a while. She's strong and determined and doesn't let any of this stop her. When she's not battling medical situations she can be found on the softball field.

🧐How can you help Addyson with her upcoming surgery costs? Come out to the Gingerbread Festival this year and participate in our auction, pay to vote for your favorite gingerbread house for the people's choice award, and pick out a gift from the Gingerbread Merch area. All profits will go directly to Addyson :)


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